Tele Cardiology

Telecardiology enables rapid access for early diagnosis and treatment of patients with potentially life-threatening cardiac conditions. Tele cardiology may significantly reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and achieve significant cost savings. From any location, a cardiologist may send or receive, online and in real-time, a patient's history, echocardiogram (ECG), chest X-ray, MRI over a secure communication link in order to make an appropriate interpretation.

The cardiologist may also listen to the patient’s heart beat in real-time through a digital stethoscope in order to make a clinical diagnosis. Tele cardiology assists cardiologists and patients in remote areas with timely and accurate treatment assessments. The clinical diagnosis may be confirmed by reviewing the ECG, chest X-ray, MRI, or other measurements performed.

Advancements in technologies are paving the way for many healthcare providers to connect with patients outside their hospitals more quickly and efficiently. For cardiology departments, technologies that allow for video collaboration, rapid transmission of scans and images and other forms of telemedicine are supporting the initiative to improve productivity, an initiative many are striving for as the healthcare landscape continues to reform across the globe. .