Quality Standards

InstaHeal is owned and run by technologists & physicians who fully understand the importance of quality standards in healthcare. We employ several techniques and practices to maintain the highest standards of excellence.


All physicians working with or contracted through InstaHeal go through an extensive qualification process at the beginning of their employment. The purpose of this process is to verify the physician's qualifications and experience. We review all pertinent qualifications and professional certificates as well as run a background check in order to make sure that specialists have the right qualifications and experience that would allow them to provide the best-quality care to our patients.


Technology solutions are often far from perfect. However, when it comes to patient care, there is little room for error. That is why we make a point of extensively testing all new software and technology before employing it in patient care. All new solutions go through several rounds of testing to make sure there are no bugs that would affect the quality of patient care or the security of protected health information (PHI).

Quality Assurance

We believe that the highest levels of quality can only be achieved through continuous monitoring and feedback. We perform regular surveys to assess the level of satisfaction of our patients, referring physicians, specialists and partners. We address all quality issues decisively and professionally. We hold a firm belief that continually aspiring for higher levels of quality is the only way we can achieve our dreams and stay ahead of our competitors.