Telecommunications Infrastructure

Telecommunications constitute an essential link in introducing a telemedicine application. For reasons of reliability, authenticity, and security, the risks of breakdown or even of any corruption of links must be zero.

Telemedicine demands a high degree of telecommunications network security, a high efficiency level, and adequate transmission capacity. For practical and economic reasons, security and reliability of telecommunications networks is a decisive factor for introducing telemedicine applications. But it is precisely in the developing countries that the existing infrastructures are largely obsolete and the transmission capacity of the arterial routes is inadequate for telemedicine.

The need for advanced technologies is pressing. InstaHeal uses latest advances in telecommunications to help its telemedicine center run on the state-of-the art technology. High bandwidth, dedicated servers, high capacity routers and networking equipment makes our telecommunication network one of the robust solutions.

Medical technologies

In a modern health service, providing diagnoses, treatment and care depends on the quality of both the biomedical equipment and professional expertise. Our telemedicine centers are all well equipped with the latest medical equipment to reach error-free diagnosis and accurate findings.