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Low Bandwidth HIPAA-compliant HD video conferencing

InstaHEAL Telemedicine Inc is pleased to partner with SecureVideo, a leading HIPAA compliant video conferencing enterprise. We have selected SecureVideo due to its ease of use for healthcare providers and patients. SecureVideo's tool enables real-time, multi-location video conferencing with data collaboration without any constraints of operating system or browser.

SecureVideo Product features:

  • High quality videoconferences
  • Access to meetings through a link in an email
  • Virtual meeting rooms
  • Unlimited Orientations & Tech Support
  • Ability to share screen and files
  • Capability of online file transfer
  • E-Documents
  • Highly affordable video conferencing solution
  • The Solution has capability of Multi Party chat and also Private Chat
  • SecureVideo works with Windows, Macs, iPads, and iPhones